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Updated to 1.9

Published on 23rd March 2016

The main server is updated to 1.9. Obviously there will be bugs. Please report these bugs so they can get squashed!

Some planned changes in the near future are for a New End to better allow everyone to use the resources it has.

There have been many many plugin updates - I haven't had time to review all the new features in them. A key one - one that I know people have been asking for - is the ability to protect the new types of fences/doors in the 1.8 update. That's added now.

Beacons Breakable

Published on 16th November 2015

Starting from now, beacons that been placed in survival mode are now breakable.

The new code logs the location of a beacon when you place it in survival mode and then allowed you to break it. There's a few flaws with how the new system works - some beacons will become blocked from being broken in some circumstances - however the new system is definately an improvement to the way beacons were previously blocked from being broken in survival mode.

Minecraft Settings

Published on 6th September 2015

Today saw the release of a feature that allows players to change their settings in minecraft. Now players can choose to disable Leaf Blowing or enable Flux Mining, two features which fall in to the category of "some players want it, some players don't". Well from today, we no longer have to compromise! You can choose whether to use these features or not.

The major option though, is for donators. Finally, at long last, donators are able to set their own tags without assistance from an op. You can use colour codes to your heart's content, as well as a few formatting codes such as bold and italics.

All these features can be accessed by logging in to your octain website account, clicking on "view my profile" at the top and then selecting the "minecraft profile" tab.

Server Improvements

Published on 6th September 2015

Here's the announcement for a few improvements we made:

New Admins

Published on 13th August 2015

Congratulations to iamaminer and Shormu for taking up the responsiblity of adminship. Both players have with the server longer for years - in fact they have been around even longer than dddeeefff! We finally think they're ready to take on the role!

Edit 17th August: Shormu has been demoted for abusing admin tools for personal gain. Well done to the rest of the admin team for picking up on it incredibly quickly.

Server Updated!

Published on 12th July 2015

The server has had a whole raft of updates. We're not on a more recent version of minecraft, and a load of bugs have been fixed just by updating the plugins.

I'm still experimenting with the plugins, but here's what is fixed so far:

As for the mall, I have updated the plugin but the lag issue persists. I can now take up the issue with the developer in order to get the lag fixed

The bug with /givexp has also been reported to the people who make the scripting plugin that I used to make the command

Recent Downtime

Published on 20th May 2015

Apologies for the recent downtime on the evening (GMT) of the 19th May. The cause of the crash is unkwnown however at first glance it appears to be a power failure. Downtime would have been much smaller but there were a few concerns about a corrupted file. This issue appears to have resolved itself, however; please be on guard for any problems.

Some players, particularly those were online at the tmie of the crash, may find that they have lost their inventory, location and enderchest and that, when they join, the game will think they are a new player. There is no solution for this issue; no way to get your inventory back. Sorry for this inconvenience.

A support ticket has been logged with our hosts about the possible power failure. The company is known for its less-than-stellar support so we're not anticipating a great response out of them.

Further details will be posted when available

Restrictions Lifted

Published on 8th March 2015

You may have noticed that you have tried to go through a door in someone else's protected region and found you couldn't. You may have also tried using pressure plates and buttons, but to no avail. Well it wasn't always this way. A new version of the protection plugin (WorldGuard) came out and suddenly these things were blocked.

Today however, those restrictions are being lifted. WorldGuard will no longer block you from interacting with the following blocks:

Note that other plugins may prevent you from interacting with these blocks! For example, our chest protection plugin will still correctly protect chests.

If you believe this adversely affects your protection, don't hesitate to contact an admin.


republished on 6th April 2015

We have taken the snapshot server down due to some technical issues.

All your builds are safe and, on request, we can transfer your stuff over to the main server!

Just join the main server and ask an admin for help!