About Octain

Octain ( is a friendly survival-mode PVE minecraft server, but we have aspirations to run many other games too.

The website and the minecraft server currently run on a dedicated server, using 16GB of RAM with four processor cores at 3.1ghz each. We've got a 100mbps connection to go with it, too.
Our (not officially released) IRC channel runs on the esper network.

Where is Octain headed in the future?

The long term goal is to support many different computer games. We want each server to offer a unique experience for that game, but still feeling right at home as part of the Octain family of servers.

Who's in charge here?

dddeeefff, though there is a shady background figure who has currently made little contribution to the server.

What is Zarkov?

Zarkov was a minecraft server. When the owner decided to move on, the server was moved to the newly formed, which was made to keep the server going.