Terms of Service

Upon contributing to the server, you accept these terms of service:

  1. Rules and forfeiture:
    1. On any given service a user must abide by any and all rules in effect, and forfeits right of access for any and all services should they break rules.
    2. judgements about rule breakages will be decided by the administrators on a given service.
    3. there is no entitlement to an appeals process.
    4. It is the responsibility of the bill-payer to ensure that rules are followed by those accessing the accounts for which they have paid for features.
  2. Liability:
    1. The purchaser of a service is responsible for any aliases to which they have ascribed a given purchase. In other words: "that was my friend, not me" is no excuse for improper conduct
    2. Octain is not liable for any damages that may occur through the use of its products. Octain is provided without warrantee or guarantee.
    3. The sale and purchase of any goods occurs in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, and all legal issues that may arrise are governed by the laws of said state.
  3. Purchases:
    1. All that can be purchased are tokens, and Octain fulfills its responsibily as provider when said tokens are added, digitally, to their account.
    2. The services and features available in exchange for tokens are not purchased therefore:
      1. have no guarantee
      2. Are not protected by consumer law - the product is tokens, not items available by utilising tokens
      3. There is no guarantee a product will be accesible or available indefinately - any product may be removed from any users at any time for any reason.
    3. There is no option for a refund except under exceptional circumstances.
    4. We reserve the right to change the purchase price of any item at any time. This will not affect previous purchases, but might affect your account's ability to aquire a service with the tokens it has already purchased.
    5. There is no guarantee a purchase or service will be permanently accessible and the ownership reserves the right to revoke a service at any time.
    6. You have full authority to purchase the item with the funds you are using - if you do not have permission, you are liable, not us!
  4. A user accepts that these terms of service may updated at any time, and that we do not have to notify of any change. Any change to the terms of service apply to all users immediately after they are published.