Forums on the Home Page

It seems that the Forums and the website in general are being ignored by players. Which is a shame, as the forums offer a great way for players to discuss ideas, projects, questions, news and various other things, which are great for a community. Clearly, dddeeefff (and others maybe) put in a great effort to create the website and its a pity that its been ignored rather than put to good use.

The Forums are a key reason players would go to a game server's site, and right now the forums are placed at the bottom on the link list on the left. However, if we look at Zarkov (the server before Octain), which had a very active forum page, it had the forums on the front page and very little else, except profile info. Looking back to Octain, the front page holds the servers news instead of a forum page. This begs two questions. 1, How did Zarkov communicate news to players and 2, Is a news page needed.

Firstly, since Zarkov only had a forum page, the Ops just posted news as it came up, and over time it would leave the main page. If Octain were to follow the same idea, Ops could post news on the Forums (maybe in a News category). This would then mean the News page wasn't needed, as well as getting players involved in the servers activities. Rather than leave the home page blank, put the forums there (General Discussion) and have the options at the side.

Something the server has, that most servers don't is their own unique forums. Unlike others these are easy to read, navigate and not feel overwhelmed with text. Its got a clean layout and should be great for players to get involved.

TL;DR Remove the news from the Home Page, Put the forums there instead. Its nicer and should be better for the community.

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