Poor Me-No Net

This summer I have been a bit out of pocket. My old net had bad connection often. Then my mom brought puppies home. And allergy seasons start summer and start winter bring my heavy migraines.
I also cannot easily access with my new account of AidakoneBelasko. I need to be on at same time as staff to fix it.
My cousin has my old Tamayoke Mojang account. I may come on with it after I get net in 2 weeks (estimate install date of wireless internet service)
This is a fav server of my son (RicochetRooster ) and I love it too. but being in US I already have a lagtastic time . I live in a rural area with scarce infrastructure county wide.

But I will be back. I miss my megavillage of Bohemia. I also miss regulars .like Uni and Amriel
Until then , think of poor me in the boring woods saving to move home to AZ from this green HL.

Tamayoke>Baroness Tam > AidakoneBelasko
We will return!
Ginger- Robert- &Lain!

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