Need help!

Hi everyone.

Basically I got back to after a year perhaps,under a new changed name NikkiMcMistie.
Some might know me as Cennessio or IceWhiskey.I am using my fiancee's account - ChristiMcMistie.
There are 2 issues that I would need help from dddeeefff or someone else.
For some reason I am muted permanently.I cannot even use commands that are beyond /home.
I cannot use /namemob or could I use /linkaccount,reasoning why I needed another account.So,I'd like to get unmuted since I'd like to play the server when I can.Second of all,my claimed area is tiny,so,again,if anyone that's a mod or a plot protector,I would like if them could claim a tiny bit more so I could build a wall I've planned or at least verify the borders of my claim since I am unsure how vast they are.

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