1.9 Octain Buglist

Please read all prior entries on the list and make sure you follow the format below when reporting bugs:

Bug Description: (Give a brief description of what's not working)
Expected Result: (What should happen)
Actual Result: (What actually happens)
Reproduction Rate: (Approximately how often this happens)
Other comments: (your thoughts on it, other relevant info)

EXAMPLE: For instance, for brewing not working:

Bug Description: Brewing doesn't work with most (possibly all?) potions
Expected Result: When a water bottle is placed in a brewing stand with ingredients to make a potion, it makes a potion.
Actual Result: Instead of making an unfinished potion, it produces an item with a missing texture also named "Water bottle"
Reproduction Rate: 100%
Other Comments: Possibly related to "Alchemy" MCMMO skill.

I will be updating this thread with new posts throughout the week when I get time. Please feel free to add major bugs using the above format.

MAKE SURE YOUR BUGS ARE CAUSED BY THE 1.9 PATCH. Things like "/mall doesn't work" are very old news indeed.

If you would like to discuss any of these bugs further or more in-depth, please do it in a new thread as we'd like to keep this one clutter free. Thanks!

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