Minecraft on Octain

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About Our Minecraft server

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We run a friendly survival PvE server.

As a community, we've been together now for over two years. We've built huge structures together, designed PvP arenas and used redstone to create the most amazing of games and mob arenas; and we're still going with that blend of near-vanilla gameplay that's kept our players coming back to us for those 2 years.

The plugins

A few of our plugins are there to tweak surival gameplay. Plugins such as mcMMO allow you to level stats so you get more out of mining or deal more damage, whilst other plugins allow you to set a home for you (and others) to teleport to. Most of our plugins are there to help us out. For example, any chests you place are private to only you and you can ask an admin to protect some land so that you can control who can build there. Should that not be enough, you can also ask an admin to rollback damage should a griefer mistakenly think they can actually do some damage.
We're largely vanilla - most of the plugins we add are optional or tweak gameplay (being able to set a home, mcmmo)

Some of the things that really set us apart from other servers:

Here our some of the things that don't so much set us apart but we feel proud to have: