This page has not been checked over recently - it may be out of date

How do I get admin?

There is currently no way to get the admin rank, because I haven't started writing the code for it yet. However, this is how it will work:

You probably won't ever be an admin, but here is a step-by-step guide:

  1. Never ask for admin
  2. Be helpful, mature and kind at all times - and don't break the rules
  3. Achieve the trusted rank by vote or stick around long enough after donating that you would have acheived the rank anyway
  4. Do more of step 2 until you are well liked by most of our regular players.
  5. Ask an admin to grant you access to the admin test (currenlty not implemented)
  6. Pass the admin test by showing your maturity, knowing the server well enough to know how and when admins use their powers, and showing the capability to find out how our plugins work by using Google
  7. Acheive a high enough score to be voted in as an admin

There is an age requirement of 14 for admin applications. Only in rare cases will someone who is not yet 14 be considered for admin.

100% of people who ask for admin within a day of joining never get admin. It's not a rule we have, it's that generally the kind of people who ask this are not capable to be admins or never get mature or responsible enough.

There are no shortcuts.

What ranks are there?

We have 4 non-admin ranks. First is the guest rank, second is trusted rank, third is donator rank and forth is supporter. Without donating, you can only get the trusted rank.

How do I get a different coloured name?

Name colour is based on rank - grey names are for guests, green for trusted, purple for donator and red for supporter

What is the trusted rank?

The trusted rank has 2 perks, and a boatload of features we don't trust everyone to have. The two perks are the green name and the ability to private your home so that people can only come when invited.

Here is a list (as at 11th January 2014) of the features you get that we don't trust everyone with:

  1. /ride (it is buggy, and can be abused to cause harm to others)
  2. Access to Haven on our snapshot server
  3. Use of flint and steal
  4. Able to make Super sticky, and bounce pistons
  5. Access to the following mcmmo abilities:
    • Tree feller (remove trees quickly with your axe)
    • Beserk (remove dirt/gravel/etc quickly with your fist)
    • Greenthumb and Green Terra. (if you're trusted, use /herbalism for more information)
  6. Various craftbook vehicles functions
  7. Make your home private

Finally, you get a green name.

How do I get trusted?

Never ask for trusted. Asking for trusted immediately shows that you do not respect the rules of the server which, in turn, shows you cannot be trusted.

To get trusted: be courtious, friendly, speak on global chat and, even better, join us on the teamspeak server - this will get you noticed. Eventually, you will be nominated for the trusted rank by an admin. when that happens, everyone on the server will get to vote on whether you get the rank

What is the donator rank?

The core of the donator rank is god mode and the ability to fly, but there are various other useful features like mob disguises and spy mode

What is the supporter rank?

Supporters get creative mode, but they are not allowed to take items from creative mode over to survival mode - we provide seperate inventories for creative mode, block access to containers like chests and heavily track new supporters using antigrief tools to make sure that they do not place blocks in creative mode and mine them in survival mode. In the event of a user exploiting creative mode, we ban them for a week, strip them of the supporter rank (back to donator) and blacklist them from ever purchasing supporter again.

I am banned. What do I do?

If, when you attempt to join the server, it says "You are banned" and does not provide a reason for your ban, then you have an IP ban. This occurs when someone who has played at your home at any point becomes banned. Please contact dddeeefff through the temporary blog to have your ip unbanned - please give the (minecraft account) name of anyone who has played on octain (or zarkov) at your home.
If, however, it states a reason for your ban, you will not be able to appeal your ban until the website has been developed to allow this. Please stand by. Note: you will only ever be able to get one unban request - after the second time you are banned, it will be permenant.

What's the difference between half/full admins?

Within the protector/antigrief rank system, there is an upper tier and a lower tier. Admins who have demonstrated exemplary knowledge of the plugins that they use will be given the higher rank.

Full antigriefs have the capability to open others inventories as if they were a chest, and have greater access to the rollback plugin's more possible-destrictive features

Full protectors gain near-full control of Worldguard including the ability to set any flag on region (as appropriate). This includes invinciblity flags, healing flags, mob-spawning flags, pvp flags, etc. (If you wish to have one of these flags placed on your protection, you must have a good reason)

In addition to this, all full admins bypass region protections and so can place/destroy blocks in regions they don't own

Will you start a Feed The Beast/Tekkit/Pixelmon server?

Probably not, sorry. Here is a good exaplanation of why I don't think it's a good idea for us

How do I get op?

I'm sorry I don't understand the question.