Command Guide

Octain features many plugins to enhance the default Minecraft experience. Some of these simply change how the game works and require no player interaction, but many offer new commands for players of all ranks to take advantage of.

To enter a command you simply press the '/' key (which opens your your chat field with an inserted '/') and then type in a valid command. Some commands are just a single word (e.g. /fly) and some commands have additional and optional parameters that allow you to change how the command operates (e.g. /home Naughty_UK). You can press the 'TAB' key while typing in a command and it will be auto-completed. The more letters of the command you have typed in, the quicker it will find the right match. This helps if you can't quite remember the full command name or you just don't like typing :D. If you don't get the desired commmand first time simply keep pressing TAB until you find the command you are after.

What follows is a brief guide to the available commands*. Not all commands are available to all players, so they have been listed in groups based on rank. If you are not at least the rank shown you will not be able to use that command.

*Available commands are constantly in flux as new plugins are added, existing ones are modified or break or get retired, so bear in mind this info may not always be 100% accurate.

General Commands

These commands are available to all players, new and old and do not require any special permissions to use. However, higher ranked players may be able to do more with some commands than those lower ranked.

/help [command]

This is a useful command as it gives you detailed and additional information on the specified command. For example, if you forgot how to use the /cmodify command you could type: /help cmodify


Teleports you instantly to the server spawn. This is where all new players start.


Teleports you to the gateways hub. This is an area of the spawn where you can access other areas of the worlds via portals.

/home [playername]

Teleports you instantly to the specified players "home". If the player does not exist or has no home you will not teleport anywhere. If you omit the playername you will teleport back to your own /home.


This sets your "home" to the exact location you are currently standing in. You can warp back to this point at any time by using the /home command as can any other players by using /home [yourname]. You can only have one home set at a time, so if you run the /sethome command again your home will be changed to the new location and your old home location will be gone for good, so be careful!

Trusted+ players can use the additional private parameter like so: /sethome private which sets your home as "private", meaning that players cannot teleport there without your personal invitation.

/g [message]

This allows you to say something in global chat, so everyone on the server will see your message. If you talk without using /g (like in vanilla Minecraft) you will still speak, but locally, so only players nearby will hear you.

/tell [playername] [message]
/msg [playername] [message]
/pm [playername] [message]
/w [playername] [message]

All these commands do the same thing: send a message directly to the specified player, and only they will see it.

/r [message]

Replies to the last player who messaged you.

/ignore [playername]

This makes you "ignore" the specified player. All chat and messages from that player will not show up in your chat log window. use /ignore [playername] a second time to cancel it.


This toggles "AFK" (Away From Keyboard) mode. When you turn on AFK anyone who tries to message you will be told you are "AFK".


Octain uses the virtual currency of "credits". This command shows how many in-game credits you own. In-game credits can be used to pay players for goods or services. You can make credits by selling stuff yourself or by voting for the server here: Vote for Credits

If you want to see how much money another player has use: /money balance [playername]

/pay [playername] [amount]

This gives an amount of in-game credits to the specified player. Use this command when you buy goods or services from another player who requires credits as payment.


This locks the next item you LMB-click so that only you can access it. Useful for doors, chests, furnaces, buttons, levers, etc. Bear in mind that most containers you create (chests, furnaces) are automatically locked to you by default and do not require manual /locking. Use the /cinfo command to query the current protections on items.


This removes your lock protection on the next item you LMB-click on. You can only remove locks on your own items. Please be aware that unlocked items are not protected and can be locked by any other player. If you want other players to access your item, don't unlock it, simply add them to its permissions with the /cmodify command. If you want to make it available to all players without unlocking it, make it public with /cpublic.


This makes the item accessable to ALL players but without changing the actual owner or allowing it to be owned/locked by someone else. If you want to make something free to access by everybody without removing it's protection this is the command for you.

/cmodify [playername] [-playername]

This allows you to make changes to who can access a protected item. This is useful if, for example, you want to give your friends access to one of your chests. You can enter a single playername or multiple playernames to modify permissions for multiple users at once. If you want to remove a player from an items permissions simply put a - in front of the name.


This gives you information on permissions for the next item you LMB-click on. This is useful to see who owns a chest, door, sign, furnace, etc...

Admins - this commmand also tells you when the item was created and last accessed.


If you find you need to issue the same /c permissions command multiple times this command makes it persist so that every successive time you LMB-click you will alter permissions. This is useful if, for example, you have 10 chests and you want to add your friend to all of them. Execute /cpersist a second time to toggle it off so your commands will no longer persist.

/rg [params]
/region [params]

This command is used by players (and protector admins) to show or modify region settings. Regions are designated areas that are protected so only certain players can build/modify the world there. The region command does nothing on its own, and requires one of the following parameteres:

/shop [params]

This command is for working with player shops. A shop is simply a world location that other players can visit to buy something from you. Basically it's just like a /home but with the sole purpose of trading. Anyone can set up their own shop and you are allowed to sell what you like, however you want, for whatever price you like. You can open and close your shop, and give it a custom description so people can see what your shop is all about. How you run your shop is completely up to you.

The shop command takes the following parameters: /tm [params]
/ticketmanager [params]

The ticket manager is a system that allows players to leave messages and/or requests for admins during those times when no admins are online or available. When you create a "ticket" you place a message into a queue, so that when an admin comes online they can see all the outstanding tickets and follow up accordingly. For example, you find a grief while there are no Anti-Griefer Admins online, simply create a ticket stating what the problem is. When you submit a ticket it is linked to the location you are standing in, so make sure you are at the relevent location when you create a ticket.

The ticketmanager command takes the following parameters: /signedit [params]

This handy command allows you to easily edit signs without having to destroy them and recreate from scratch. It also allows you to copy signs and use the same text again and again on new or existing signs.


This gives you some info about text formatting for signs and messages.


Puts the block you are holding on your head. If you're not holding a eligible block, it sends you a link to an image which shows you which items can be put on your head

Trusted Commands

These commands are only available to trusted (and above) ranked players.

/tpr [playername]

This sends a teleport request to the specified player. They will see your request and get to choose whether to accept or decline you. Use /tpr accept to accept the request and have the requesting player teleported to you, or use /tpr deny to refuse their request. You can also simply choose to ignore the request message and it will automatically expire within a minute or so.

/ride [playername]

This makes you jump onto the back of the specified player for a free piggy-back ride. Use /ride again to dismount.

Donator Commands

These commands are only available to Donators.


This toggles flying mode on/off. This is identical to creatives flight, simply double-tp jump to launch into flight or cancel flying. Using /fly also prevents you from taking any fall damage.


This warps you immediately to the top of the block(s) stack you are looking at (under your crosshair). You can use this to get through holes too high or too narrow to walk through, and it's also useful for getting back to the surface from underground.

/dis [mobname]
/disguise [mobname]

This allows you to disguise yourself as a mob. when disguised your name will be hidden and you should be indistinguishable from the real thing. When you're bored of being disguised, simply use /undis to revert back to your original form.


This turns off any disguises you have on and returns you to your true form.


This puts you in "god" mode which means you never get hurt or hungry and cannot die. Use /ungod to revert back to normal mortality.


This instantly kills all mobs within a 128 block radius.


Either of these commands makes you completely invisible so other players cannot see you. N.B. All ops can see vanished players! Repeat the same command again to toggle vanish off.


This makes it look like you have disconnected and left the server, but really it just makes you invisible and hides your name from the player list.


This makes you rejoin the server if you have used /leave. To other players it will look just like you have joined the game in the usual manner.

/greeting [region] [message]

This sets the given [message] so it appears whenever a player enters the specified [region]. use /rg i to find out the region name.

/farewell [region] [message]

This sets the given [message] so it appears whenever a player leaves the specified [region]. use /rg i to find out the region name.

Supporter Commands

These commands are only available to players who have supporter mode currently active.


This toggles your game mode between Survival and Creative.


This toggles "night vision" on/off. This is a special visual mode that makes even the darkest areas look clear and bright like daylight, super useful for building at night!

/tp [playername]

Teleports you to the given player. Please do not /tp to arbitrary players without their permission as many players find it rude and an invasion of privacy, and in some cases it's downright creepy and stalkerish. Doing an unauthorized /tp to an admin is against the rules and is not generally tolerated.

/s [playername]

"Summons" the given player to you. This basically teleports the specified player to your position. Do not do this to players without asking them first and confirming they are ok to be dragged away from whatever they are doing.

Admin Commands

These commands are only available to Admins

/a [message]

This sends the message to the admin channel. This is a special chat channel that only admins will see.

/ekick [playername] [reason]

This kicks the specified player from the server and cites the given reason. Everybody on the server will see this notification.