Various support documents published to explain Octa GST features and operations


Describes how to download and view GST ANX-2


Describes how to prepare, review and upload GST ANX-1 to GST Portal

Adding Purchase Documents

Describes how to add or import purchase documents to report in GST ANX-1 or reconcile with GST ANX-2

Adding Sales Documents

Describes how to add or import sales documents for new GST returns (GST ANX-1, RET-1/2/3)

Overview of New GST Returns

Quick overview of new GST returns containing filing frequency, return formats, details of data to be reported

Octa GST Assistant fails to get user information on some computers

Workaround of CORS issue in Google Chrome which causes issue in Octa GST Assistant (Chrome Extension)

Transfer Subscription

Describes how to transfer Octa GST subscription to a different computer or activate again on same computer after formatting

Crash caused by Dell Backup and Recovery software

Describes how to fix the crash on opening/saving a file caused by Dell Back and Recovery software

Configuring Windows Firewall

Describes how to configure Windows firewall to allow connection with Octa GST Server

Premium Subscription

Advantages, buying, installation and usage of Octa GST Premium subscription