Octa Bills

Simple e-invoice compliance with seamless ERP integration

Generate e-Invoices in seconds

Both offline and online modes are supported

  • Offline Mode: Generate single JSON file to generate multiple e-invoices
  • Online Mode: Use NIC online APIs to generate hundereds of e-invoices in seconds
  • Run invoices against strong validations to prevent incorrect e-invoices
  • Friendly error explorer to view the error description
  • Process hundreds of invoices in one go
  • Generate e-invoices of select documents only
Generate e-invoices
Generate e-Invoices using Octa Bills

Compliant & Elegant e-Invoice Printing

With QR Code, Barcode, ARN & Ackowledgment No

  • Compliant with GST-INV-01 of GST rules 2017
  • With IRN, QR Code, Ack No, Ack Time
  • All fields of e-invoices captured in print
  • User friendly presentation of complex data structure
  • Status of digital signature verification
  • Customisable as per branding
e-invoice printing and PDF
e-Invoice PDF & Printing

Full Featured Document Editor

View & edit all fields of e-invoice

  • Powerful & full featured document editor
  • Quick search and select seller & buyer details
  • Auto-calculate tax amounts & document total
  • Strong & dynamic data validations
  • User friendly indication of mandatory & optional fields
  • Status of e-invoice generation
  • Quickly copy the QR code & paste in compatible applications
e-invoice document editor
e-Invoice editor & viewer

Cancel e-Invoice

Because mistakes do happen!

  • Offline mode: Support of generating cancellation JSON file for bulk cancellation
  • Online mode: Cancel multiple or selected e-invoices in one click
  • Status of cancellation is captured with e-invoice
  • Ability to search for cancelled e-invoices in document history
  • User friendly display of e-invoice status (active/cancelled)
  • Process hundreds of e-invoices in one go
Cancel e-invoices
e-Invoice cancellation using Octa Bills
Unlimited GSTINs

If your business is registered in multiple states, you can generate e-invoices for all those GSTINs using a single subscription. There is no restriction on number of GSTINs and there is no GSTIN-wise pricing.

Unlimited Invoices

Issue thousands of invoices every month? No need to worry. Octa Bills easily handles large amount of transactions and there is no invoice-wise pricing in offline mode.

Data Privacy & Security

We understand the sensitivity and value the privacy requirements of your business data. Octa Bills stores all business transactions locally in your premise. So that you control the access to your data and no-one else, including us, cannot see your data.

Strong Data Validations

There are hundreds of data points in an invoice. Any manual error may result in generation of incorrect e-invoice. NIC portal may also reject the faulty data. Octa Bills implements a long list of validations and indicates the validation error in a user-friendly manner so that it can be quickly understood and corrected.

Friendly Standard Excel Template

There are more than 150 columns in Govt Excel template for e-invoice generation. Octa Bills provides a simple template with most frequently used fields so that it becomes a lot easier to get started. Also, Octa Bills auto-calculates many fields so that user doesn't have to calculate and fill them manually.

User Defined Excel Connectors

Does your ERP already exports the data in a different format? No need to make any change in ERP. Octa Bills allows you to create an Excel Connector by mapping and processing the fields. This greatly reduces the effort in integrating with ERP.

Offline Mode (Integration with NIC Portal)

Octa Bills support full end-to-end offline operation with NIC portal including generation, importing signed e-invoices and cancelling e-invoices in bulk. You may use this mode as a fall-back when online mode is not working for some reason. Or you may rely completely on offline mode only.

Online Mode (Integration with NIC APIs)

Octa Bills integrates with NIC online APIs also. You can generate an e-invoice with just a click of a button. Online APIs greatly simplifies and automates the e-invoice generation, reducing the chances of human errors.

Print e-Invoice (PDF)

Generate beautiful and legally compliant e-invoices with QR code, barcode and IRN.

Generate & Copy QR Code

You may directly use the QR code to integrate it with existing invoicing mechanism of your ERP. Copy-paste or use the PNG/JPG file of QR code in just one click.

Verification of Purchase e-Invoices

Some of your customer may generate and send a signed e-invoice to you. Octa Bills can verify, import and show the purchase e-invoices for reference or automation purposes.


Export a wide veriety of output such as signed JSON files, printable compliant PDFs of e-invoices, image files of QR code. This export can be used to feedback e-invoicing data to your ERP. Octa Bills also support various MIS reports in compact and full format for further analysis or consumption of invoice data.

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