Octa GST

Simple & effective GST compliance

GSTR-2A & Purchase Reconciliation

Unmatched high performance & smart reconciliation

  • Supplier level (party-wise) or invoice level reconciliation
  • Reconcile for month, quarter, financial year or all transactions
  • Option to include/exclude reverse charge invoices
  • Option to ignore the small differences to focus on significant differences only.
  • Smart linking of invoices based on invoice number patterns. Link and compare invoices even if invoice numbers does not match.
  • Export mismatch report in Excel format. Include or exclude the invoices based on mismatch status.

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GSTR-2A and Purchase Reconciliation
Side-by-side invoice comparison and mismatch indicators in the middle

GST Returns Annual Report

Simple and comparative summary of GST returns

  • Single consolidated Excel report
  • Month-wise consolidated report of GSTR-1, GSTR-2A and GSTR-3B
  • Month-wise comparison report of GSTR-3B vs GSTR-1 and GSTR-3B vs GSTR-2A
  • Seperate heads of different tax types
  • Seperate heads depending on nature of transactions
  • Process lakhs of transactions in seconds

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GST Returns Report
GST returns consolidated annual report

Prepare Accurate GST Returns

Auto-generate GST returns, apply validations, keep history

  • Data import from multiple sources
  • Auto-calculates the return data from sales/purchase transactions
  • Full support of amendments in GSTR-1
  • Run validation rules before return preparation to avoid mistakes in filing
  • ITC claim reminder/notification
  • Return preview and analysis
  • Generate Excel report to share with clients/other users

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GST Returns
User friendly generation & presentation of GST returns
Unlimited Business Entities

Whether you are a business owner or a tax professional assisting others, you can create as many business entities as you need. Data of each business entity is stored separately so that you can easily transfer it from one computer to another.

Unlimited GSTINs

Is your business operating in multiple states? No need to worry. Octa GST allows you to create multiple GSTINs for one business and manage their data efficiently.

Masters For Quick Data Entry

Create a master list of contacts and items to quickly enter the business documents in Octa GST.

Import from Excel & CSV files

Is your business operating in multiple states? No need to worry. Octa GST allows you to create multiple GSTINs for one business and manage their data efficiently.

Convert JSON To Excel

Use the in-built GSTN tools to convert GSTR-1, GSTR-2A, GSTR-2, GSTR-4A, GSTR-4 JSON files (files which are downloaded from Govt GST Portal) to Excel format.

Clean GSTR-1 Data On Portal

Mistakes can happen and wrong data may be uploaded on GST Portal. But no need to worry, using Octa GST, you can clear thousands of invoices on Govt GST Portal in just a few clicks.

Direct Portal Integration

Easily preview the tax return and verify every aspect of it. Once verified, simply generate the return file which you can directly upload to GSTN portal.

Unlimited Invoices

Do you have thousands of invoices to upload? No need to worry. GSTN has placed a limit on the file size you can upload. So in accordance with it, Octa GST will automatically split the return data in multiple files so that you can easily upload them one by one.

Invoice Printing

Generate beautiful PDF or print your sales invoices and other vouchers such as credit/debit notes.

SEZ Registration

Using Octa GST, you can prepare the GST returns for tax payers with SEZ registration.

Data Privacy

We fully understand that your financial data is very sensitive. When you use Octa GST, your business data stays on your computer & it is never transmitted to outside servers. So that you are in control of your data. Always.


Octa GST does not need internet connection to work. It is blazing fast in processing all user actions. Get ready to see an instant response of your requests.